Treasured Birth, LLC

My Journey to Treasured Birth, LLC
My own experiences in birthing my three children began
almost 2
6 years ago and led me to choose this beautiful and
rewarding career!   I believe that loving support, education and
empowered childbirth is the key to building healthy families!  

Some of My Professional Training
Family Social Science Major University of Minnesota
Certified Therapeutic Massage Provider
Certified Prenatal Massage Provider
Student Midwife and Midwives Assistant
Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator
Hypnobabies Certified Doula
Madriella Certified Doula
International Childbirth Education Association
Certified Doula
Bringing Baby Home Certified Facilitator
Madriella Doula Trainer and Workshop Facilitator
Placenta Encapsulation Provider & Educator
Operation Special Delivery Doula Supporter

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Pregnancy Advocacy and Labor
Postpartum Doula Support

Who Am I?
My name is Kelly Martin!
My goal is to provide expecting
and new families in our
community with the tools and
education to support happy
and healthy birth experiences
and families.
Childbirth Courses
Pregnancy Preparation!
Breastfeeding Courses!
Bringing Baby Home!
Doula Training and
Placenta Encapsulation

Worldwide, there are few societies that exist in which women give birth alone and unaided.
The social nature and significance of birth ensures that this biological, and intensely personal
process carries a heavy cultural overlay. This fact supports the evidence that attending
Childbirth Classes is important in Expecting Couples preparation for Birth.

According to Van Gennep in 1908:

“Birth is a rite of passage that embodies a culture’s deepest beliefs, which are
transmitted and reaffirmed during this critical, transitional time."

According to Sheila Kitzinger, 1978:

“Birth practices point to the core values of the culture, and tell the observer a great
deal about the way a culture views the world, and women’s place in it.”

In cultures where women have high status there is a rich set of nurturing traditions
that develop around birth. In cultures where women’s status is low, the
opposite occurs.

In the United States, within the hospital environment laboring women are regularly presented
with many and varied technological interventions. Media presents
this birth approach as being the "best in care" and the general population
accepts this method as "prestigious."

In truth, the use of technology can NOT guarantee a positive birth outcome.

Evidence-based research studies show that the more technology that is used in pregnancy
and childbirth, the greater is the possibility for poor maternal and
fetal birth outcomes. This extensive use of technology takes away the
natural empowerment of birthing families.

Why Should You Choose Treasured Birth?

Treasured Birth, LLC
Strives to Provide Empowerment Through Transparency

Treasured Birth's goal is to encourage and increase individual
evidenced-based and scientific-based birth knowledge.

This allows you, the expecting parents that we support,
to view birth in a more positive light.
The distribution of evidenced-based information is critical
in empowering and supporting expectant parents.
This type of information allows you to make informed birth choices,
which in-turn, encourages positive birth outcomes.

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